IC Experience

IC Experience

Dear Guests,It is our pleasure to present you the IC Experience Loyalty program.

With your loyalty program membership, you are privileged at IC Hotels.

You will be able to join IC Experience Loyalty without any registration, already with your first accommodation.

Silver, Gold and Diamond Card benefits will be offered according to your score during all your stay in IC Hotels.

  • Please feel free to contact us for your questions.

e-mail: crm@ichotels.com.tr

IC Hotels loyalty (program) terms and conditions:

  1. IC Hotels loyalty member, agrees to his personal data processing (using telephone number, e-mail adress and adress information) within IC Hotels for determination the member status and provide the corresponding benefits.
  2. IC Hotels loyalty member agrees not to pass his member number, given to him/her by IC Hotels, to third persons. IC Hotels loyalty benefits can be used only by loyalty members, not by third persons.
  3. The benefits offered to IC Hotels loyalty members and the rules can be changed by IC Hotels without prior notice. All the changes become binding for all the members after being announced at the website.
  4. IC Hotels loyalty benefits have no cash value and do not provide any claim to reimbursement.
  5. The hotel accomodation discount offered by IC Hotels loyalty will be provided only in case of direct booking through www.ichotels.com.tr. The discount will be invalid in case of booking through an agency or group reservations.
  6. Benefits and discounts offered by IC Hotels loyalty can not be combined with other promotions and discounts.
  7. Reservations with deserving discounts must be made prior to the specified time.
  8. Early Check-in/Late Check-out is a subject of room availability.
  9. Room Upgrades are just provided due to availability.

IC Experience

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