IC Experience Program

Welcome to our IC Experience Program that allows you to collect credits during your stay at a hotel in the IC Hotels chain, while you spend extras, and shop in our partners’ shops, that offers discounts, benefits, and advantages, and that aims at giving you an even better holiday experience by using those collected credits.

Now all you need to do is to fill our form and become an IC Hotels member (free or not?), then you can immediately start making use of the IC Experience advantages…

Frequently asked questions about the IC Experience:

What is the purpose of the IC Experience program?
– Our program is designed with the purpose of knowing better our clients, better and update the quality of our services using the data collected from you, and presenting advantages, benefits and offers special to you.

Who owns the program?
– It is the IC Hotels.

Where can I use the benefits of the program?
– Our program is only valid in all IC Hotels facilities for the moment, however, in near future it will include other companies aiming at offering you more advantageous services as well.

What benefits the program offers me?
– When you become a member to our program, you immediately get IC credits worth of up to 10% of your accommodation and extra spending.

How can I be a member to the program?
– You can be a member in kiosks at the hotels, by mobile applications or from IC Experience page at www.ichotels.com.tr

How can I be a member?
– You can apply to our memberships at kiosks, by means of mobile applications, or from our web site.

How can I activate my membership?
– You can activate your membership by clicking the activation link sent to your e-mail you stated in the application form.

Is there a membership fee applicable to your program?
– We don’t have a membership fee.

How do I collect credits in the program?
– To begin with, in order to be able to collect credits within the frame of the IC Experience Program, you should be a member to the program. Upon starting your membership, you can start collecting credits during your expenses in shops that are a partner to our program.
In order to collect credits during your stay in one of the IC Hotels facilities, and your extra expenses, you should give your phone number registered to the IC Experience Program to the reception while checking-in, during your accommodation or while checking-out.

What does IC XP mean?
– This is gift credits you win from the program.

How much TL is 1 IC credit?
– 1 IC XP corresponds to 1 TL.

Where can I spend the credits I win?
– You can spend the IC credits in your hotel accommodation payments, and in your shoppings from shops at the hotel.

Will I get a free accommodation offer with my program membership?
– You can pay your accommodation with the credits you win, and by the campaigns at the time.

Is there a time limitation for using the credits?
– The credits will be deleted the year following the year you won the credits.

Can someone other than me use my credits?
– No, only you can use your credits

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