April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

We invite all the children of the world to become entertainment partners on this special day. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Great Leader, presents this day to all the children. On this important anniversary, of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey , our young guests will enjoy unforgettable moments and enjoyable activities with each other.

Get ready! For the joy, with IC Hotels, on 23rd April with all day activities!

IC Hotels Green Palace

10:00 Mini Club opening
10:30 Hand Art and Painting
11:00 Hotel Tour with flag, balloons and the April 23 Anthem
11:15 Mini Disco
11:45 Photo Shooting
12:00 Parrot Show
12:30 Lunch
10:00 Mini Club opening
14:45 Clown and Balloon Show
15:30 Party and Cake cut (with 23rd April Logo)
16:30 Face painting and teaching technique (workshop)
17:30 Mini Club closing
20:45 Mini Disco
21:30 Cartoon time

IC Hotels Santai Family Resort

10:00 Opening and registration
10:30 Children’s Yoga
11:00 Awarded talent Competition
11:30 April 23 Decoration and Mask Making
12:30 Lunch time
14:30 Painting
15:00 Magician Show
16:00 competition of the day
17:30 Rest time
20:30 Mini Disco
21:15 Children’s Cinema
23:00 Closing